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  1. Metal Shed In Use GARDEN MASTER SHEDS   Here is a nice New Zealand shed company for you. They offer good customer support in the form of instructional videos or online assembly instructions which you can download. They also have a great guarantee for their sheds. Another keen feature is: "Most of our sheds are made up of only 4 walls and the roof, and can be erected in only one hour! All you need is a drill, screwdriver or riveter and maybe an extra pair of hands. Step-by-step DVD instructions will come with your shed along with all the screws or rivets to complete the job." “Garden Master sheds have the largest range of optional extras, colours and accessories available throughout the New Zealand - we can customize your shed to suit almost any site or specification. Garden Master brings you. New Zealand's most customizable kit-set garden sheds. Pick your garden shed roof style, shed size, shed colour, shed windows and the sheds door placement to suit your needs. Garden Master Sheds are made from high tensile steel, formed into a deep ribbed profile. It is the "rib" that provides the inherent strength of your shed. Closely spaced ribs with heavy gauge channels form a strong panel that acts as a tension membrane when assembled, making extra framework unnecessary. Simply Click here to build the ultimate shed to suit your needs. Below are some examples of our custom sheds – but if you're too busy to design your own, follow the steps in Build My Shed to find what you're after!”
  2. 12x20 Large Metal Utility Building/Shed DURASHEDS   These people here do not manufacture anything including metal sheds. They are what is known in the industry as "Drop Shippers". In other words they take your order and pass it along to a shed manufacturer and your order is shipped from the manufacturer usually.

    But, they might warehouse some sheds for delivery to their customers, who knows. This way of doing business is quite common across the world and many times customers do not even know that their merchandise was sent to them by a drop shipper. Picture on the right is of their Green 12 X 20 FT Steel Shed/Garage, which looks like someone set-up on top of a concrete slab. ►Durasheds is committed in offering you the best quality and innovative range of backyard storage products in the market today. Since 1998 we have been serving the needs of homeowners as well as contractors with their outdoor storage, building and fencing requirements. We offer the most complete line of Storage Sheds, Greenhouses, Temporary Shelters, Expandable Insulated Building and housing systems, in addition to a wide range of Vinyl Fences, Gazebos and Trellises. We are actively adding more and more products to improve your backyard, so check with us frequently. Our online Catalog is available to you 365 days a year and all your orders are processed online in real time. If you prefer you can contact our Friendly and Experienced Sales Representatives are available from 8AM to 5PM, PST, Monday thru Friday. Call our toll free line (877) 658-6569 anytime and if we're busy or not available we will call you back promptly. Thank you for shopping with us. We hope your shopping experience is a pleasant one and that you will visit our site often. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We only buy from premier manufacturers and larger distributors who ship the products you order directly from their respective locations. Because we use this "Direct Ship" (Drop Ship) process it means that our inventory handling and transportation costs are lower and we can usually present to you products at lower prices. Our Everyday prices are very competitive in most categories but if you find an exact online product at one of our ONLINE competitors and can provide verifiable information we will beat or match that price. It must not be a promotional price or a clearance offer and the total must include the shipping and handling price. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.◄
  3. Cyclonic Garden Shed NATIONAL SHEDS   This Australian company does have some unique metal sheds. They sell metal buildings only and have a beefed up line of sheds suitable for use in high wind areas. Picture on the right is one of their "Cyclonic Garden Shed" models. "You are currently seeing Australia's only garden shed that is rated to Region D Category 2 cyclonic conditions. Rated at withstanding a wind load velocity of 88m/s (316kph), this garden shed takes toughness in outdoor structures to a whole new level. All those that know and experience those fierce cyclonic storms can now rest in the knowledge that, with their purchase of the all new StormSHED, their garden shed won't end up in someone else's backyard."

    ►National Sheds are an Australian owner supplier of Sheds, Barns and Garages. Providing innovative storage solutions with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, professional service, and high quality products – National Sheds are a leader in their industry. National Sheds design and produce a unique range of quality steel sheds for sale and storage solutions. We specialize in designing impeccable buildings tailored to suit your individual, organization, and location requirements. Industrial Sheds, American and Aussie Barns, Garages, and Garden Sheds are just a few of the designs dispatched from local manufacturing locations around Australia. All National Sheds are simple to erect, delivered equipped with full instructions and nationwide support – ensuring all sheds built are perfect the first time, every time. Along with impeccable sheds and expert advice on designs and installation, every National Shed building is provided with the Accredited Certificates of Compliance for Council requirements, and a generous 15 year warranty on all products.

    See how the helpful team at National Sheds can assist you with your next purchase.

    • All steel structures supplied meet ShedSafe standards.
    • No welded joints, all bolted for extra strength and safety.
    • Full step by step instructions provided.
    • Nationwide delivery.
  4. Utility Shed TOTALSPAN   Lots of very nice steel utility sheds and larger steel buildings here, but i think they can make a shed according to your personal specifications. This business seems to have all of their outlets in the territory of Queensland, Australia and they cover New Zealand quite well, in fact all over NZ. I think these buildings would make great livable cabins. They are really nice.

    ►From great-looking and hard-wearing garages and carports, to the perfect utility or garden shed, we've been supplying Kiwis with the right steel building at home for over a decade. If you're in need of a custom designed carport or garages, or even a livable barn or home-office building, tell us what you need and we'll help you right through the design and building process. It's easy with Totalspan. Totalspan franchises are spread throughout the country, so no matter where you live you'll get friendly advice from people who understand your needs, the local environment, weather conditions and Council consent processes. We currently have 29 independently owned local franchises throughout New Zealand, so it’s likely there will be a franchise close enough to work with you on your next building project. Check out our locations map and give your nearest franchise a call to discuss your options.◄

  5. Shed Boss SHED BOSS   Here for you is a fine New Zealand based steel shed manufacturer. Lots of pictures included on their website of most of their products. They do it all: Rural sheds, commercial sheds, garages, barns, workshops, & aircraft hangers, plus more. They seem to have about 13 outlets across the whole country of New Zealand.

    ►Using the latest technology in steel fabrication, Shed Boss has specially designed buildings that are among the most superior in the industry, to cater for the customer who wants the VERY best that money can buy at an affordable price. We use the latest technology and innovations in sheds. It doesn't matter if it's a Garage, Shed, Carport, Patio or Awning, Commercial or Industrial Shed, Shed Boss design and build strength and longevity. All our buildings are designed to the strictest standards. We make sure our sheds aren't just functional, but can withstand all but the worst nature can bring, and they look good too. At Shed Boss, you can be sure that you will be dealing with people who are professional and proud of their work. Our unique single garage can be manufactured in a variety of widths with either front or side entry giving you thousands of ranges and combinations to choose from. We also offer optional offset roller doors to allow extra storage along the side. Becoming increasingly popular is our "Lifestyle Buildings" adapted from our standard Domestic Garage Range. Not only do they look good, they are good enough for you to live in! Contact your local outlet or click for an online quote to get a Shed or Garage that will be Built Strong, Built Right.◄
  6. For all the Arsenal FC fans. TRIMETALS   This company is quite intelligent and creative in my opinion. They have nice colors for their metal sheds and have a nice website. Picture on the right is of one of their 660 series (6ft x 6ft) metal sheds. "The Titan 600 series features four models - the Titan 630, 640, 660 and 680. They feature one (acrylic) window and a single door as standard or can be supplied with two windows or double doors 1395mm wide (55in) as optional extras. A full range of accessories is also available for Titan 600 garden sheds including additional windows, benching, shelving, double doors, wooden floors, and alarm. Siting: Titan sheds must be bolted down onto a flat and level concrete base. The recommended thickness of the base is 100mm and the base dimensions are shown in the dimensions table. Roof style: The 630, 640, 660 and 680 have an Apex roof style."

    Hardware Store ►Trimetals has been established for over 40 years and is firmly placed as Europe's leading producer of quality metal garden storage sheds. We manufacture a wide range of sheds and stores aimed at the professional end of the market. Our unique designs ensure maximum strength and rigidity, distinguishing us from flimsy plastic alternatives found in many DIY stores. We pride ourselves on our reputation for strong, secure, fire-resistant and maintenance-free buildings. Our products are built to last and feature unique patented designs offering you value for money. We primarily sell products for garden use, but we also supply buildings for mobile home parks, major house building organizations, sports/golf clubs, and schools. Our buildings have won various awards and received many commendations at exhibitions in the UK and abroad. Our products have also been tested and recommended by a variety of independent magazines and publications. We are honored by the EU for being one of two companies selected to represent Britain at the Construction Trade Fair in Japan. As a result we now export our products to countries in the Far East, in addition to the many European and Middle Eastern countries we currently supply. For many years we have been a Lloyds quality approved company and are certified to Lloyds ISO 9002 and more recently Lloyds ISO 9001 2008 standards. This means that our company procedures is constantly monitored to ensure our customers receive an excellent level of service. We pride ourselves on our stringent quality control procedures and ensure all our products are checked at all stages of production through to final dispatch and delivery. We hope that you now have a good understanding of our company and the commitment we have to supplying you with the very best quality products at value for money prices.◄
  7. A Custom Made Shed CHAPARRAL PORTABLE BUILDINGS   Next door to where i live in Alpine, Texas i happened to notice this big truck unloading small storage sheds on my neighbors lot (a furniture business) and so i looked at the sheds today and looked them up on the internet which led me to this listing here. Their sheds are a little different in that they use metal siding attached to a 2X4 stud framework. I guess you could classify these sheds as "Hybrids", not pure metal sheds. They have about 11 to 12 (If you include Alpine) different locations scattered around the state of Texas. They have some good pictures of their sheds, i like the barn style look the best. ►Welcome to Chaparral Portable Buildings. We carry hundreds of styles and sizes designed & custom built to fit your needs.◄

    • We Move Portable Buildings
    • Warranty on Buildings
    • Offer Fast Delivery
    • Build on location
    • We work with home association requirements
    • In Business for 28 Years

  8. Tyical Steel Building BRAEMAR STEEL BUILDINGS   This business specializes in steel buildings only. The smallest size building you can buy from them according to their website's custom build feature is a 20ft wide x 24ft long x 10ft high building with a door opening of 8ftx7ft and a roof pitch ratio of 12:1, the lowest pitch (1in rise to every 12in of run or length). They offer "Design Your Own" or pre-designed "Kit" buildings. They have a nice website with lots of pictures. But, they mostly do larger type buildings, not your typical consumer type structures. ►The advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings have been well-known for many years. They include Flexibility, to meet unique current needs and unpredictable future requirements . . . Economy, for potentially lower per-square-foot construction cost and minimal maintenance . . . And Shorter "Digging-to-Decorating" Time, for companies that need their buildings Now! Braemar metal building specialists, designers, engineers and construction staff have optimized all the above, using advanced CAD programs and techniques to bring you the best value to be found in prefabricated metal buildings. They have even created a few exclusive tricks all their own to add extra value. We've added even more elements along the way . . . Including total dedication to customer service and satisfaction . . . And an emphasis on design that delivers a more attractive pre-engineered building for no more (and sometimes substantially less) cost than others. Browse through our Photo Gallery, and see what we mean about design and discover the difference our service can make. By then, we think you'll be ready to talk to a Braemar specialist about your metal building kit needs.◄
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